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H2803- Camp Auschwitz

Film informatie

Uitleennr : H2803
Duur : 143 min.
Taal : Engels Pools Duits Italiaans Frans Spaans
Ondertitels : GEEN
Categorie : Documentaires
Subcategorie :



For the world, the Auswitch camp is symbol of the Holocaust, genocide, and terror. Never before in human history ware so many people murdered in a planned way, in such a short time and in such a small space. Between 1940 and 1945,
the Nazi Germans deported over a million jews, nearly 150,000 Poles, 23,O00 Roma, 15,000 Sovjet prisoners of war, and more than ten thousand prisoners of other nationalities here. The overwhelming majority of them perished in the camp.
This film is dedicated to the memory of each and every one of them.