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H1620 – The Runaway (Uciekinier)

Film informatie

Uitleennr : H1620
Duur : 56 min.
Taal : Pools
Ondertitels : Engels
Categorie : Documentaires
Subcategorie : Israel – Jodendom



The most bravery escape from Auschwitz.

The Runaway presents complicated vicissitudes of Kazimiers Piechowski, nr.918 the last living organizer (2007) of the most spectacular escape from Auschwitz. Four prisoners wearing SS uniforms fled with weapons by camps commander car. After the escape Piechowski was fighting in the Home Underground Army. Due to that he was sentenced after the war by communist authorities 10 years in prison. Now in 2007 he and his wife are traveling over the world, forfilling their dreams.