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H0609 – Temple in Jerusalem

Film informatie

Uitleennr : H0609
Duur 60 min.
Taal : Engels
Ondertitels : GEEN
Categorie : Documentaires
Subcategorie Bijbel



Great and Holy is Gods world and the Land of lsrael is the holiest land in His world. In the Land of lsrael is the holy city of Jerusalem and inside Jerusalem the holiest place is the site of the Temple. And in the heart of the Temple was the Holy of Holies, resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, the footstool of the Almighty. For more than 350 years the Temple Solomon built stood at the top Mount Moriah, until the Babylonians destroyed it in 586 BC, and took the Children of lsrael into captivity. On their return, the Jews worked for 23 years to build another Temple. Centuries later this Second Temple was again rebuilt, by King Herod (37-4 BCE) and this time the work took 46 years. Then as a Great Jewish Revolt shook the land, the Roman legions mercilessly broke into the sacred precinct on Tu bAv - the flfteenth day of the month of Av 70 CE - and razed the Holy Temple to the ground. Today the Western Wall, the so-called Wailing Wall, is all that remains of the Second Temple. And to this day, Jews around the world pray three times a day for the Temples restoration. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem They that love thee shall prosper Peace be within thy walis, and prosperity within thy palaces. (Psalm 122). Take a fascinating, unforgettable journey back in time to the depths and mysteries of Jerusalem Temple.