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H0608 – The Journeys of St.Paul

Film informatie

Uitleennr : H0608
Duur 45 min.
Taal : Engels Duits
Ondertitels : GEEN
Categorie : Documentaires
Subcategorie Bijbel



Set against the inspiring vistas of the Holy Land and scores of locations throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, this film invites you to join both the physical and the spiritual Journeys of Paul. Tracing his dogged persecution of the new Church in Jerusalem, his blinding conversion on the road to Damascus and the missions throughout exotic Asia Minor., the journey of Paul provides intimate insight into one of the most dramatic personalities in christian history. Against the background of breathtaking panoramas, this film evokes the hardships and endurance that Paul had to bear on all the major journeys of this lifetime: From his birthplace in Tarsus (modernday Southern Turkey) to the Holy Land. From the temple in Jerusalem to the dessert near Qumran and the Dead Sea. From the Arabian desert to Antioch, Cypress, Athens, Corinth, Galatie Phrygia, Ephesus and back to Jerusalem and his last journey from Jerusalem to Rome, where some traditions say he died as a martyr for his faith. The Journey of Paul is a definite portrait of the apostle to the gentiles, the great missionary, first theologian and towering figure in the establishment of christianity.